What You Should Consider About Sanitary Round Manways

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What is Sanitary Manway ?

Sanitary manways are manhole tank covers designed to facilitate a high level of sanitation in applications requiring clean, sterile processes. They are usually of SS304 OR SS316L construction and with various form factors such as Circular, elliptic, and rectangular shapes. They are suitable for covering tanks in the biopharmaceutical, food-grade, and personal care industries.

Sanitary manways are designed such that they can easily enter and egress onto the tank. A lot of manufacturers offer full line tank sanitary manways that can handle various atmospheric designs, ASME code assemblies, pressure assemblies in various shapes and sizes. They are used to cover processing tanks in applications that require a high level of sanitation. Additional services from manufacturers include assembling of sanitary gaskets for sealing crevices to prevent dirt buildup.


Options of Sanitary Round Manway