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TEMPERATURE RANGE:Viton® seal maximum temperature is 200° C;Buna-N maximum temperature is 100° C
Use with 304/316L stainless steel upon request
PRESSURE RANGE:Limiting pressure is 10^(-8) Torr. Standard components can be used to slight overpressure of 0-5 psi, with an overpressure ring.

Giraffe Stainless manufactures a complete line of knife-edge CF style flanges using our CNC lathes. This ensures consistency, tight dimensional tolerances, and fine surface finishes. These flanges conform to industry standards and are interchangeable with all other CF fittings.
Fittings are made of 304 stainless steel, but 316L is available upon request. Tapped bolt holes are also available upon request









A B C D Material Part Number  Price/each
37.5 19.05 33.8 75 304 S.S. CF16X TBD 
62.5 38.1 69.5 125 304 S.S. CF35X TBD 
85.7 63.5 113.6 171.4 304 S.S. CF63X TBD 
109.7 101.6 151.6 219 304 S.S. CF100X TBD 
139.7 152.4 202.5 279.4 304 S.S. CF150X TBD 



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